This pandemic has brought a lot of attention to something we should all be more attentive to.. I am a germaphobe and clean everything with my favorite medical grade cleaner, Cavicide, before and after each client.. always have, always will.. this is common practice for me as I was formerly in both the medical and dental fields. So, I am well versed in the importance of stringent adherence to sterilization protocol and OSHA compliance standards.


In addition, I am taking every precaution i.e. having everyone wash and sanitize their hands, and/or shower upon arrival and before departure, using paper towels rather than hand towels, sanitizing the shower, toilet, handle, light switches doorknobs, the hardwood floors and most importantly, toys, tools, implements and equipment. Every load of laundry is washed in hot water with the cleaner added. In addition to sterilization every toy is covered as well. I have also been able to find some air sanitizers.. :) Stay safe 

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