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My "BondageMassage" is basically a massage with a little twist you come in and you're expecting a lovely massage with warm oil and candles and you get that, but then you don't know... maybe I feel like tying you to the table or sneaking up behind you and putting a blindfold on you and maybe give you a bit more kinky of a massage than you expected... you can also choose the direction by making suggestions when scheduling on My BookingPage or discussing with Me directly on My Pre-Book page. 
$300hr / $420 for 90min

My "Fetish Sampler" is a basic introductory to fetish and what I suggest is choose three to five items from My list that sound interesting to you on My BookingPage or discussing with Me directly on My
Pre-Book page and then I blend those along with some others that I know are pretty universal and give you a little taste of some of "My Favorite Fetishes" that go together marvelously.. I usually start with some bondage, a bit of tease and denial, sensory deprivation and/or sensory play, a little mild CBT, along with some light e-stim and whatever else I think might be fun! I will increase intensity and/or add more variables, tools and toys based on your reaction, so..
Buckle up Buttercup! Its gonna be a Wild Ride!! 
$300hr / $420 for 90min

What's your DLS - (Dirty Little Secret)?

You know you've been dying to tell someone so why not tell Me? Discretion is a rule I live by..

In your daily life you are the Alpha, making all the decisions, having people answer to you.. you're feeling the need to give up all control and submit, this can be very freeing.. I enjoy being the one you can relinquish this control to..

Whether its impact, sissy, feet, stockings, sensory dep, golden, strap, sounds... I've got everything we need.. and then some..

I can create a scene where you get to live out your darkest fantasy and yet still be safe from anyone else ever finding out. 



Perhaps you are one of those people who can never get enough, always having to push the envelope? What happens when you run out of things that amuse you? There has to be something more, right? There is.. let Me show you the way.. 


Stuck in the massage rut? Try My 'Bondage Massage' will ease you out of your comfort level and keep you on the edge..

New to the lifestyle? Try My 'Fetish Sampler'.. custom tailored for you.. 


  • Ice cold AC

  • Bottled Water

  • Human Cag

  • Bondage/Electric Chair 

  • St Andrews Cross 

  • Bondage Table 

  • Spanking Bench 

  • Fetish Tools Implements 

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