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Finding the Real Mistress Tristan..

So I guess you've noticed,

I've been avoiding posting on here and everywhere actually - tired of providing My imposter(s) with fresh media.. so before I start posting again REMEBER if you can’t link to a profile of "Mine" from My website - its NOT ME..


**#1 way to be sure it's really Me**

I am always logged on to My texting app thru Google

My personal cell : 425.948.9094 (Text pls)

Email that texts Me:

if you cannot txt for whatever reason, use this as direct text to Me from your email

FetLife: MistressTristan

Instagram: ViciousTristan

Twitter: MistressTristan

Onlyfans: MistressTristan

Loyalfans: MistressTristan

Kik: MistressTristan

Notice how NONE of the above REAL points of contact for Me have punctuation or #s like Mistress!@Vicious_ Tristan25 - if they do its a COPYCAT!

I DON’T charge to be your Mistress!

Honestly the only time I ever ask for $ over phone, text, or email is a deposit for a session or for an online session- and that is usually paid thru My website..




Amazon gift cards:

So if these aren't the accts the supposed"Me" is asking you to send $ to.. thats another RED FLAG!

Did I reach out to you unexpectedly from new site or user name = NOT ME

if we weren't just speaking or planning a session and I hit you up.. ITS NOT ME!!!

1ST of all - I DONT reach out I REPLY- ALWAYS

Here’s why - if you have a wife, gf, kid, mom, anything – I don’t wanna talk to them – I don’t want to leave any trace on your phone email whatever, plus I am VERY busy – My phone, email, sites, social always have someone hitting Me up on them, I don’t have time to reach out if I wanted to.. also, if I don’t get back to you just remember I’m being hit up on all avenues and can forget, so don’t think I meant to forget – just hit Me up again - because I get overwhelmed sometimes and now I don’t have a houseboy of sissy maid anymore so I’m doing it all –

BTW looking for a new houseboy or sissymaid – Must Love Organizing and picking up after Me when I get ready – a blur of outfits, boots and makeup/hair products lol and peach tea monsters!! Should be able to tighten a corset and lace boots. Picking out outfits for Me.. etc. Also need help with Media obviously.. I have 5 SD cards full, needs to get to My social media or videos on My website..

This is NOT a live-in situation - this place is not for that – moving soon so you never know..

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